Makeup essentials book tag

the creator of this tag is  Hannah

Concealer/foundation – the basis: what’s one thing you MUST have in a book in order to enjoy it?

Great characters

Powder – keeps it all intact: your favourite setting?

My favorite setting is either dysotopia or the present

Brows – filled in or left: hardback or paperback?

hardback, they often have extras

Eyeliner – the flick makes it: your favourite plot arc?

plot twist

Mascara – adds a little bit extra: something that’d bump a book from 4 to 5 stars?

a plot twist or a really great ending

Highlighter – some brightness to the mix: what turns a character into your favourite?

Relatable, Funny or Sweet in some way or a character that stands up for what they believe in is the greatest I think.

On the lips – the finishing touch: a book that left a lasting impression!

The most recent book that left a lasting impression was heartlesss



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