Book review: Althea and Oliver

Synopsis: Althea Carter and Oliver McKinley have been best friends since they were six. Now, as their junior year of high school comes to a close, Althea has begun to want something more. Oliver simply wants life to go back to normal, but when he wakes up one morning with no memory of the past three weeks, he can’t deny any longer that something is seriously wrong with him. Then Althea makes the worst decision ever, and her relationship with Oliver is shattered. When he leaves town for a clinical study in New York, she drives up the coast after him, determined to make up for what she’s done.

Cristina Moracho’s extraordinary debut is an achingly real story about identity, illness, and love—and why bad decisions sometimes feel so good.

Review:<a href=”http://Althea & OliverAlthea & Oliver by Cristina Moracho
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I am not sure how to feel about this book. I really liked Oliver’s character all the way through the book, I liked Althea too but could not stand her after (spoiler alert) I found out what she did to Oliver. I forced myself to finish this book just so I could try to understand why she did what she did. I did’t get a clear explanation and I am astonished this book is described as best friends falling in love because that is not at all what this book was. Who rapes their best friend?

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