Secrets that you keep: Part 1

This  beginning of a story is inspired by a writing prompt I did in writing group write a story based on the first sentence of another book and one other sentence in the book

My dad is marrying some snooty rich woman with striking green eyes and red hair. It had to be a scam I was sure of it. She didn’t even like him, it seemed to be all about money. Her daughter was a spoiled brat, too. She was my age with the same red hair and green eyes as her mother and that self satisfied grin all popular girls wear. I had to do something to pass the time besides hang out with Tatiana. Her name sounded like it was something straight out of a fairy tale Tatiana Blackthorne,  and she acted just like her mother, the same “too good for you attitude”   Too bad my sister Nicole isn’t here to help with figuring out what is really going on here.  If she was she’d help me sneak around the house and spy on my dad and his new wife. But I guess that task now fell on me alone.

Let me know what you think of this story.


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