Entertainer book tag

I was nominated by la ronda


  1. You get tagged and the person who tagged you gives you six questions.
  2. Then you ask the people you tag six more questions.
  3. The cycle continues

Insta- buy author

Cassandra Clare


A book everyone has rec’ed you but you haven’t read yet

Simon vs the Homosapiens agenda

A book you’d rec everyone


A book everyone loved but you didn’t

I’ll give you the sun

A book you loved but has a low rating on GR

With a 3.4 rating The creswell plot was an interesting twisty read


Most anticipated release for the second half of 2018

The queen of air and darkness


My questions

  1. Favorite Spooky read
  2. Favorite book about zombies that you’ve read
  3. Do you read books depending on mood or season
  4. What is your  least   favorite book that you have read this year so far
  5. Vampires, werewolves or zombies
  6. Is  there a spooky retelling of a classic that you love.







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