Forbidden Magic part 12

After the fight that happened between my mom and dad, I became more aware that it shouldn’t be like this. I was forced to live here with them until I was eighteen or at least until I went to Hogwarts. Even then, I  still had four years before I could get out of here. What was I to do.

I thought about telling Lily, but I didn’t know if she could help me. After all we were the same age seven  years old.  “Maybe her parents would help me”  I thought. But could I really ask that of her parents? I didn’t know.

There were only so many options for me if I decided to leave home, run away and live on the streets or be put  into foster care and be adopted.

I let myself think and decided my first plan would be to talk to my mom while my dad wasn’t home and tell her my thoughts on how he treats her and if she wants to leave dad she can. If we were to be without dad, I think it would be a whole lot better just the two of us. She could stop worrying about herself and I getting punished for little things.

After deciding this I heard the familiar sound of my dad getting home and knew I had to talk to mom soon because if I didn’t it was only going  to  get worse from here.


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