Top ten Tuesday #36: Fall tbr

Top ten Tuesday is hosted by thatartsyreadergirl

This week’s topic is books on my fall tbr

1. Image result for anna and the french kiss

2. Image result for the impossible girl lydia kang

3. Image result for between shades of grey

4. Image result for watch you burn amanda searcy

5. Image result for riverdale #1 comic
6. Image result for dc superhero girls search for atlantis

7. Image result for the revolution of jack frost

8. 35707056

9. Image result for the vanishing girls

10. Image result for save the date morgan matson

This isn’t all the books but these are the top 10.


9 thoughts on “Top ten Tuesday #36: Fall tbr

      1. It’s my favorite comic series ever! You know that show Once Upon A time?…That show got the idea from the Fables Comics but it;s more for adults to read. It’s fairy tales cross over. AMAZING comic series!!! Especially if you are into fairy tales and cross overs.

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