Underrated Female heroes book tag

The original tag was created by the lovely Kate at meltingpotsandothercalamities.

I saw this on my feed a while back and wanted to do it

  1. Name a heroine you like, but you feel is overshadowed by the male characters in the book-

Alice in Twilight

Image result for Alice in twilight

2. For that matter, name a heroine whom you feel is always overshadowed by the other female characters in the story.

Jocelyn Fairchild

3. Name a character who had potential but was greatly underutilized in her story.

Tessa Grey

5. Name a character who you want more backstory on.

Alice Cullen, again

6. Name a character with traits you feel are sadly overlooked by everyone.

Emma Bloom from Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children series

7. Name a morally grey character. (Villain or anti hero!)

Lillith from Mortal instruments

8. A character you’re stunned isn’t more famous. 

Maia from the Mortal instruments series


I nominate




5 thoughts on “Underrated Female heroes book tag

  1. Great tag. I like your answers. I think that Alice Cullen was a brilliant character and was such a small feature in the films. At least in the books we see more of her. – She is one of my favourite Twilight characters.


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