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Ra is the falcon-headed sun god, the creator and he named five of his fellow gods.

I can’t think of a character for this one

Sobek (1).png

Osiris – Favourite Down-to-Earth Male Character

Osiris is the god of death, farming, and vegetation.

Clay from Thirteen reasons why


Isis – Favourite Female Character with Powers

Isis is the goddess of magic and fertility, as well as being the mother goddess.

Hermione Granger from Harry Potter



Anubis – Character You Wish You Could Bring Back From the Dead

Max Lightwood from the mortal instruments

Image result for max lightwood

Set – A Character That is More Devious Than the Actual Villain

Set is the god of darkness, chaos, and storms.

Lillith in the mortal instruments series

Image result for lilith mortal instruments

Hathor – Quote That Brightens Your Day

Hathor is the cow goddess of motherhood, joy, happiness, music, and love.

Anything by Simon in the Mortal instruments series


Neith – Character You Wish You Could Receive Life Advice From

Neith is the goddess of the hunt, wisdom, weaving, and battle.

Dumbledore from Harry Potter

Image result for dumbledore from harry potter

Ma’at – Injustice You Wish You Could Rectify

Ma’at is the goddess of truth, harmony, and justice.

How Sebastian from the mortal instruments could have been good if it weren’t for Valentine

Horus – Favourite Bright/Cheery Book Cover

Horus is the god of light and the sky, as well as the god of the Pharaohs.


Thoth – Book With the Most Beautiful Prose

Thoth is the god of wisdom, writing, magic and the moon.

Wild Beauty By Anne- Marie Mclemore

Ptah – Best World Building

Ptah is the creator and craftsman of the gods.

 The world of Harry Potter

Khonsu – Book You Wish You Could Read for the First Time Again

Khonsu is the god of time and the moon.

Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

Sobek – Book You Would Save From Drowning (Possibly Over Another Person, No Judgement)

Sobek is the god of the Nile and water.

my library books and books signed by authors, or special editions of books



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