Cheesiest book tag and 41 followers

Thank you all for following me 🙂 I know have 41 followers and I appreciate you all

I found this tag on kelly’s blog
The Rules

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fire andrain books

Cheddar: The Traditional Cheese | Name Your Favorite Classic Novel

The great gatsby


Swiss: The Hole-y Cheese | Name An Emotional Roller Coaster


Made you up was such a mix of emotions from happy to sad, to crazy

Blue Cheese: The Controversial Cheese | Name An Unpopular Book Opinion You Have


I have mentioned this before everybody loves I’ll give you the sun but I hate it. it is so terrible

Brie: The Favorite Cheese | Name An Author You Always Want More Of

1 4q1PsDoZpA89XQIhrx1B-A

Cassandra Clare. I can’t wait to read her new books that have come out this month

Gouda: The Dutch Cheese | Name a Book That Makes You Want to Travel

Any book that is outside of the U.S.

American: The Fake Cheese | Name Your Least Favorite Book


A recent read, Atlantia

Colby Jack: The Mixed Cheese | Name Your Favorite Ship

Clary and Jace


Colby Jack: The Mixed Cheese | Name Your Favorite Ship

The harry potter books

harry potter

Pepper Jack: The Spicy Cheese | Name A Book You Can’t Judge By It’s Cover


The cover is beautiful, but this story is far from a light hearted fluffy read

Muenster: The Monster Cheese | Name A Villain You Wish Never Had the Joy of Eating Cheese Again

Sebastian from the mortal instruments

I nominate


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