Riverdale episode: There will be blood

This weeks episode of riverdale was intense to say the least. There was so much going on in this episode. I was literally shocked when I thought Clifford blossom was still alive. Luckily, he is actually Clifford Blossom’s twin. What did you guys think of him? Do you think he has his own dark secrets. Also was surprised that Hal wanted a divorce from Alice.

Chic Cooper keeps getting creepier. I wonder who he is if he’s not Betty’s brother. Also I completely freaked when he had the twins. I thought he was going to drown them. Why does he keep cutting people out of pictures? First he cut out Hal, now he cut out Polly. Why does he always cry when Betty asks him questions? What did you guys think about Kevin webcamming with chic?

I am so glad that Fred Andrews did not run for mayor, but am curious what will happen with Veronica’s mom being mayor. I also liked that Jughead is investigating Hiram. Why does he want to build a private for profit prison in riverdale. So many questions…

I cannot wait till the next episode next week. 🙂

what are your guys’ thoughts let me know in the comments below 🙂



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