Aawc challenge #6

This is the finale of the aawc challenge

picture prompts

I was a lone little fairy who had just come back from a horrible mission. I had lost the love of my life another fairy who I had known all my life. I stared up at the flower asking it what I should do next. The whole village had been destroyed, I was it’s sole survivor and I had no idea where I should go next I had to find somewhere to live or I would die, I could easily be eaten by hawks or worse be seen by a human.


My name was Sarah Paulson, I was an aspiring fashion designer and now I was stuck in the ceiling of my new apartment close to the university. I had missed my first day of class and no one knew I was here except the people that had made me fly into the ceiling in the first place. That morning, I had been ready to go to class when  a strange man was at my door, he told me he couldn’t allow me to go to class. The next thing I knew, I was stuck in the ceiling and he had left. Would I be stuck here forever?

Alice tried to close the door, she was trying to hide the fact that she could fly. The bright light of the summer sun, did not help her one bit as it shined brightly through the window. Surely someone would see her.  She had experienced many things in wonderland but the strangeness had never transferred over to the real world. This was the first time she had flown. She couldn’t tell anyone this had happened or else they would surely commit her .  She had no choice  but to try to call for help from the mad hatter.

writing or dialogue prompts

The city kids had hair every shade of the rainbow.

I was from the country my name was Raina. I had grown up in the outskirts of the city, and had feared going to the city. The city kids were rich and lived lavishly. A far cry from my meager life. I walked into school trying not to call attention or stare. I had never seen anything like what I was seeing now.  It should be easy to hide in this city my hair was a dull auburn while  the city kids had hair every shade of the rainbow.



7 thoughts on “Aawc challenge #6

  1. Hey Miriam, these are great, but you have to write one story with the prompts, not separate ones. I’m really sorry! I can only count your points for one of these stories, unless you’d like to write another one to get more points? So sorry again!

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