Top ten Tuesday #6

A bookish meme hosted by thatartsyreadergirl

Top ten books you are no longer interested in reading

1. Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universeImage result for dante and aristotle discover the secrets of the universe

I would have picked this book up 2 years ago but now I just dont see myself reading it

2.  Whatever afterImage result for whatever after

A middle grade novel that I probably will never read

My fair godmotherImage result for my fair godmother

Haven’t read anything by this author in over 5 years so not likely to be interested to read this book ever.

3. Jessica darling it listImage result for jessica darling's it list

same thing as my fair godmother

4.Jekyll loves hyde

probably would have picked this up 2 years ago but now it just seems cliche

5. The geek girls guide to cheerleadingRelated image

Cliche,and too boring to read anytime soon

6. Scrambled eggs at midnight

I originally put this on my to read because of the cover but now it just seems boring to even consider picking up.

7. Shade

The whole plot is something that interested me but not anymore

8. ShilohImage result for shiloh

I read a bunch of books by this author but this book is too old to read this

9. Gossip girl for your eyes only  graphic novel

no explanation needed

10. The summer I became a nerd Image result for the summer i became a nerd

Title explains it all

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